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Assuming we don't miss a bus and end up with "spontaneous" days elsewhere..

sunny 12 °C

Munich, Germany; 6/7-10/7
Wildschonau, Austria; 10/7-12/7
Venice, Italy; 12/7-15/7
Rome, Italy; 15/7-20/7
Sienna, Italy; 20/7-24/7
Florence, Italy; 24/7-29/7
La Spezia, Italy; 29/7-2/8
Nice, France; 2/8-3/8
Lake Como, Italy; 3/8-5/8
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland; 5/8-6/8
Milan, Italy; 6/8-10/8
Nice, France; 10/8-13/8
Avignon, France; 13/8-15/8
Barcelona, Spain; 15/8-22/8
Valencia, Spain; 22/8-24/8
Madrid, Spain; 24/8-29/8
Pamplona, Spain; 29/8-31/8
San Sebastian, Spain; 31/8-3/9
Biarritz, France; 3/9-7/9
Tours, France; 7/9-11/9
Paris, France; 11/9-18/9
Bern, Switzerland; 18/8-20/9
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland; 20/9-23/9
Lucerne, Switzerland; 23/9-27/9
Munich, Germany; 27/9-29/9

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Melbourne, Australia - Munich, Germany

all seasons in one day 12 °C

Hi everyone!
I've started this blog as an easy way to keep you guys up to date without having to synchronise emails, Facebook etc.
If I've got it right (which I most likely don't) this should notify Facebook when I've updated it so you can have an old-fashioned spy on our photos, laugh at our unavoidable stupid moments, and come along for bits and pieces of the adventure.
Half the fun will be sharing it with all our loved ones back home.

Goodbye for now, I'm off to have a final lazy night and make up for the sleep deprivation that tomorrow's 40-hour flight path will entail!

See you all on the other side! If we get it right, Hodge should have a killer Ned Kelly beard and I hopefully won't be burnt to a crisp by the European sun by the time I'm writing this trip's final post.

Nervous, giddy, ecstatic hugs,


PS; for those playing at home, the term fernweh is a lovely Germanism that means "being homesick for a place you've never been".

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